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Quick Facts

FLO Glas products do not obstruct airflow like other glazed pool barriers.

FLO Glas FLO-1 requires less cleaning than other glazed pool barriers.

Due to its side-on nature, our products don’t show every unsightly mark.

FLO Glas as a balustrade can be cleaned from within the safety and confines of a balcony.

FLO Glas barriers have never been scaled by a child (or adult!).

All FLO Glas edges have a 45 degree aris which ensures there are no sharp edges.

FLO Glas is available in super durable 25 micron anodised finish over 6060 T6 aluminium.

FLO Glas is affected less by wind loading than all other glazed balustrades.

All FLO Glas balustrades have heat-soaked blades (as well as being A1 Safety glass to AS/NZ 1288- 2006).

FLO Glas as a balustrade is 200mm higher than the AS standard and its openings are 60mm closer than required.

FLO Glas was designed to be the safest and easiest to live with pool and balustrade system on the market.


What substrates can FLO Glas be installed on?

FLO Glas can be installed on Timber decking / Tiles / Concrete.

Can FLO Glas be DIY installed?

No – FLO Glas is supplied and installed by trained installers only.

What material is FLO Glas made from?

FLO Glas is made from Marine grade aluminum, Grade A toughened safety glass, and stainless steel fixings.

What is the lead time for a FLO Glas installation?

Typical lead times for pool fence and single dwelling residences are 4 weeks from deposit, and Multi-residential dwellings are 8 weeks.

Is a compliance certificate issued?

Yes – all FLO Glas installation are supplied with a Form 15 compliance certificate.

Do I have a choice of colours?

Yes – FLO Glas is available in a comprehensive array of anodised, powdercoat and now timber-grain finishes. The glass blades are toughened glass which typically have a subtle green hue.

What if I break a glass blade?

In the unlikely event of this happening, spare blades are left with the installation so a void can be quickly filled and made compliant in minutes.

Is FLO Glas susceptible to Wind Loading?

As expected by its design, FLO Glas is the least wind-affected of all glazed balustrades.


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